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2010’s ~


12 Multi-channel car dash cam launch
10 IoTPass launch
08 Signed contract with SKT IoT Hub Business team
05 Awarded the Grand Prize of Korea Excellent Company in 2017


06 Listed on KONEX market
05 Awarded the Grand Prize of Korea Excellent Company in 2016


10 Awarded ICT Innovation Special Award, Received ISO 9001 certification
05 Awarded Korea Grand Prize of Excellent Company in 2016
01 Passed KS factory inspection


09 Awarded Prime Minister’s Commendation
08 Awarded SME Technology Innovation
07 Awarded the Grand Prize in Business Management Entity
07 Selected as an excellent small and medium-sized business
05 Signed MOU with LG U + for LTE router
05 Passed the UTIS examination by the Road Traffic Corporation
04 5-channel dash cam launch for trucks (SCB100)


11 Started production of Car Audio
10 LTE Router Released
09 Navigation / dash cam integrated CNS-300D Combo launched (7 inch)
07 Launched SOHO-type dash cam SHS100
07 5-inch LCD equipped with 200-megapixel S500HD dash cam
05 First domestic launch for navigation & dash cam integrated product (FX5 Combo)
05 Launched HD dash cam (S350HD) and promoted KS certification


10 Released HD-class dash cam (S100, S200, S350)
07 Gyeonggi Small & Medium-sized Business Award – Exporter Award
05 Signed contract with large-scale wholesale (company H) for terminal device / increased capital (KRW 300 million)
04 Signed contract to supply domestic rental car (company A)
03 Maiden i7_3D / i7_3D Voice, Maiden i3 PLUS, CNS-300D, CNS-100D PLUS Introduced in the domestic market


09 Registered utility model (EDLC charge / discharge circuit)
08 Development of car navigation system for Seoul Communication Technology
05 Development of LED bulb control system using USN for Seongnam commercialization technology development project
03 Maiden i3_2D / i3_3D TPEG, CNS-100D Launched in the domestic market
01 Obtained CCC / KC certification


12 Designated as a promising export small business (Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Administration)
08 Acquired ISO 9001 certification for its own factory
04 Shipped navigation system to Japan MK Taxi company (CNS-7300)
03 Signed contract with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. for set top box development
01 8 inch navigation D80 3D domestic market launch

2000’s ~


05 Signed 7-inch navigation contract with Portuguese T company for ambulance control
05 Shipped navigation system to SK Speed Mate stores
03 Selected as INNO-BIZ company by Small and Medium Business Administration
02 Delivery of DARWIN D10 Dual / Single DMB version navigation terminal
01 Myin FXIT (TPEG version) released in the domestic market


10 Delivered company M communication type navigation (for taxi) terminal in UK
07 Development and delivery of D9 embedded type (All in System) navigation terminal
04 Development and delivery of D9 embedded type (All in System) navigation terminal
04 Supplied navigation terminal to JungUm Marketing Co., Ltd.
04 ODM contract for communication type navigation (taxi) with company K in Korea
02 MyDin FXIT launches in the domestic market
01 ODM contract for communication type navigation (taxi) with domestic company B


10 OEM supply contract with company E in Germany for navigation
09 Maidan FX7 market launch
07 Signed OEM supply contract with company O in domestic market for navigation system in the Americas market
06 Chinese company M contracted with company X for communication ODM
06 Maiden FX1 market launch
05 Contracted with company C to develop medical measurement equipment and advanced medical management system
02 Developed and supplied IAD and SMB to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
01 Build own production line (Bundang Techno Park)


11 Venture company registration (Technology guarantee fund)
10 Establishment of China (Beijing) office and establishment of store
09 Launched its own navigation brand MyDean
08 Market export of Ukrainian market
07 European market (France, Denmark) Terminal export
04 Patent applied for digital image processing method including GPS information
02 Certified as an affiliated research institute – Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association
01 Chinese market terminal export
01 Established CNSLink Terminal Technology Research Center


12 Contracted development and supply of navigation products with Korea Info Service Co., Ltd.
08 Contract with ETRI for Embedded System
07 Engineering contract with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. for network equipment development


12 Development and delivery of INABY PRO / UP for Thinkware
12 Signed engineering contract with Samsung Electronics for Envance
09 Ministry of Commerce – Industry and Energy, Power Technology Development, Intelligent home network task participation
06 Contract with N-VERSIONS / AP engineering service contract
04 Moved office to Bundang Techno Park


03 Establishment of Gumi Office
02 Changed corporate name to CNSLink Ltd.
02 Registered as cooperative company of Seoul Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
02 Registered as a partner company of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


09 Established S-IM Co., Ltd.